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Eighties-like pink glowy grid

Backend developer

  • currently based in Paris, France.travelling sounds fun though
  • handles webdev like no one else.use of advanced architectures, OOP, best practices
  • fully prepared.git, docker, linux sysadmin
  • actually loves Ruby and Rails.experience and projects below

About me

student at
IMAC engineering school.

learned to be creative with
programming (web, 3D, cinema)

genuinely curious
about everything.

languages, pop culture, cooking...
and I'm just getting started

music is life.

lately listening to
How Much You Want Her
by Isaac Delusion

really fond of Cards
against Humanity.

like... really



Steam Store Parser

Ruby gem that queries a Steam Store search and parses the result to extract game names and Steam IDs. Personal project.



Online catalogue created with Ruby on Rails for UTAUloids, voice banks designed to create songs. School project.

Poupee russe

La Poupée Russe

Webdesign school project. The theme was interior design, focusing on space saving. Built over Jekyll and SCSS.



Ecosystem simulation written in Java with Processing. Tribes live, prosper and fight for their survival. School project.